Magnetic Force

2. A 34.5 cm wire carrying a current of 12.0 A passes through a magnetic field of $2.35*10^2 T$. (a) What is the maximum force exerted on the wire? (b) If the wire makes an angle of 35.0 degree to the field, what is the force exerted on it? 

The magnetic force exerted of a field B, on to a wire of length l, carrying a current I and making an angle alpha between the current I and the field B is by DEFINITION

$F = (B \times l)I$ where $\times$ is the vector product and F, B, l are vectors

a) $F = B*I*l = 2.35*10^2*12*0.345 =972.9 N$

b) $F = B*I*l*sin(\alpha) = 972.9*sin(35) =558.03 N$