Physical Science (GS 103-1)

1. Radio amateurs are permitted to communicate on the “10-meter band”. What frequency of radio waves corresponds to a wavelength of 10 meter? The speed of radio waves is 3 10^8h m/s.

$3.0*10^7$ Hz

2. The primary coil of a transformer has 200 turns and its secondary coil has 50 turns, and the current in the secondary coil is 40 A. When a 12-V alternating current is applied to the primary coil of the transformer, the secondary voltage will be. 3 V

3. When a gas in forced into a smaller volume without a change in temperature, it pressure increased because its molecules. strike the container walls with greater force

4. A molecule that has lost an electron becomes a positive ion

5. A compass is needle tends to line up parallel to a magnetic field

6. A sound wave whose frequency is 50 Hz has a relatively long wavelength

7. At which of the following Celsius temperatures will a Fahrenheit thermometer show the same reading in degrees? -40 C

8. Sound waves whose frequency is 300 Hz have wavelength relative to sound waves in the same medium whose frequency is 900 Hz that is. three times as great

9. Heat can be transferred through a solid by which one or more of the following? Conduction

10. Which of the following is not true of molecular motion in a gas? D. There is a definite average direction of motion at a given temperature

11. When the voltage across a certain resistance is V, the power delivered is P. If the voltage is doubled to 2V, the power is delivered becomes 4P

12. A frequency that is not an overtone of the fundamental frequency F is F/2

13. An ideal frictionless engine takes in 10kj of heat per second when it operates between 500 K and 400 K. The work that the engine does per second is 2 kJ

14. Of the following a molecule is best described as the smallest particle of a substance that is representative of the substance

15. A positive electric charge repels other positive charges

16.The particle easiest to remove from an atom is a (an) A. electron

17. An example of a purely longitudinal wave is a A. sound wave

18. Two 240 watt light bulbs are connected in parallel across a 120-V power line. The current in each bulb is. C. 2.0 A

19.A refrigerator D. removes heat from a region and carries it elsewhere

20. A 70-dB sound relative to a 40-dB sound is more intense by a factor of D. 1000.