Head and Tails Toss

How does the following circuit works as a heads and tails toss?

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The circuit is symmetric. However due to tolerances of the electrical components when first placed under tension one transistor will be blocked, and the other will be open. The basis of the transistors are polarised (when first placed under voltage) by the LED, 1K resistor collector series 47 K resistor (parallel with 22 n Capacitor). First transistor that will open (due to the above polarisation) will block the other transistor.  The capacitors are provided to give a time delay on opening the transistors through 47 K parallel basis resistors

When the button is pushed in,  both basis are now polarised through 47 K resistor series half 50 k resistor. This way both transistors are open and the state of the circuit reset. By releasing the push button the initial cycle (with one transistor opening and the other being blocked) repeats.