Conductivity of Dopped Silicon

What is the conductivity of silicon if As dopant is added to achieve a concentration of $1.0*10^{23} atoms/m^3$? let $\mu(n) =.14m^2/V-sec$ and $\mu (p) = .05 m^2/ V-Sec$

The conductivity relation is

$\sigma = e*n*\mu(n) +e*p*\mu(p)$

$p(intrinsic) =1.5*10^{10} atoms/cm^3 =1.5*10^{16} atoms/m^2$

and 1 As atom gives 1 electron (the electron concentration is equal to the As dopant concentration)


$\sigma = e*n*\mu(n) =1.6*10^{-19}*10^{23}*0.14 +1.6*10^{-19}*1.5*10^{16}*0.05=2240 +0.00012 =2240 (m/ohm)$