Conservation laws for nuclear interactions

What conservation law is specific to nuclear strong interactions? Same question for nuclear weak interactions.


In strong interactions, strangeness is conserved.

In weak interactions the lepton electronic and lepton muonic numbers are conserved.

The lepton electron number is

$l_e = +1$ for $e^{-}$ (electron) and $\nu_e$ (electronic neutrino)

$l_e= -1$ for $e^{+}$ (positron) and $\widetilde{\nu _e}$ (anti-neutrino electronic)

The lepton muonic number is

$l_\mu =+1$ for $\mu^{-}$ (muon) and $\nu_\mu$ (muonic neutrino)

$l_\mu =-1$ for $\mu^{+}$ (anti-muon) and $\widetilde{\nu_\mu}$

Observation: generally, usually one does not make distinction between electronic and muonic neutrino, both being called neutrino.

$\nu_e = \nu_\mu = \nu$