How to Build a Warp Engine -A modern approach (5)

A modern approach

In April this year (2015) the first experiments done on this EM drive (described above) showed that the path of a light ray was changed by the thrust produced by this engine enough to be detected. The first experiments of Woodward that demonstrated that the mass of an object is subjected to oscillations when the object accelerates show the fact that the fabric of space-time is elastic. When one tries to warp the space with a mass or with an energy field the space “reacts” to these changes and thus oscillations of the mass happen. The constant of elasticity of the space-time fabric is low enough to allow for these oscillations to propagate without significant lost of energy (these are the gravitational waves that are still not yet completely experimentally demonstrated).

In principle it is enough to just slightly warp the space first with an EM field (for example) a Laser, and then to rapidly change the intensity of the EM field for the small fluctuations of the induced mass to occur. Thus, by choosing the geometry of a dumbbell with two EM fields (that was described above) the negative fluctuations of the mass generated by one laser will arrive at the other laser exactly at the moment when its own induced mass fluctuation is negative. We just need to know the dimensions of the warp bubble that we try to create and the elastic constant of space-time to determine the power of the EM fields (that generate the first small oscillations of the mass) and the frequency of these oscillations. Then by the resonance of the space we can create the warp bubble as we wish.  

The elastic constant of the space-time fabric can be easily determined by firing a Laser through a dumbbell geometry drive (made o an LC circuit or EM fields) and modifying the induced mass oscillations up until the path of the fired Laser is maximally changed.  What is shown in the YouTube video that I referred in the foreword of this book, is a warp bubble created by two EM fields (one in front of the bubble and the other at the end of the bubble) that work in a dumbbell geometry (having opposite phase).

Instead of conclusions

The experimental results obtained about the warp engine until now are still controversial and a large part of the scientific community is against them. This is new physics (non-Newtonian physics) that is against about all we have been taught until now. However the experiments that have been done until now and that I have presented in this book stand up for the fact that the realization of a warp engine is now a science subject and not a Sci-Fi one. With the proper resources and work a warp engine could be created in the next 10-20 years. Just imagine what this could be for the future for our transportation.