Analog and Digital Communications (Physics 227/623)

2. Problem 2.11.

Use the function and sample rate of problem 2.10. Let Δ = 0.5V (see p. 109 in text). Sketch the resulting staircase approximation (superimposed on s(t)) and the transmitted digital signal for the first 1 second (rather than 3 seconds).

 Analog and Digital Communications, 2-21

Each time there are two consecutive same bits (11 or 00) the step size is incremented (or decremented) with an increasing value (0.5, 1, 1.5,2V, etc). Each time the two consecutive bits differ (10 or 01) the step size is kept the same. For a 1 bit the signal is increased with the step size, for a 0 bit the signal is decreased with the step size.


Problem 2.48.

Show the biphase signal as a function of time at the top, and the other waveforms directly below.

Analog and Digital Communication, 2-48