How to Build a Warp Engine – Introduction

How To Build a Warp Engine – Introduction 

When I was a small child, about 4 years old, my parents took me and my sister to my grandparents’ home, and went away to a trip abroad for 2 weeks. One morning I wake up at about 5 am and started to ask myself what I have to accomplish in this world. Keeping asking myself this, I went to sleep again. I remember that suddenly someone told me this “you have to arrive at the stars” and then I wake up.

I forgotten this dream but my passion for physics grew with time. I graduated in 1991 the University of Bucharest with an MSc in Physics, and then I worked in physics research for 10 years. I started a PhD in 1995 in US and finished it in 2000 in Romania. In 2008 I became an online tutor teaching US college students physics over the Internet. Nowadays I am writing physics books for college students and I am still tutoring.

I watched with passion Star Trek and then Star Gate. My kid dream was long forgotten but about two years ago, on a tutoring site I was asked what I considered at that time the most stupid question by one student: “What if we could travel faster than light? We will become energy, or what?”. Every physicist knows that the speed of light is the fastest possible speed at which an interaction in the Universe is transmitted. However at the time when I was asked this simple question I knew about the Alcubierre drive, a theoretical drive that allows a ship to travel faster than light.

This book contains the answer to the question I was asked by my student: “What if…”. A research on the warp drive is already on its way in US, but this book in one step further away from this research. It contains a simple but complete description on how to make a warp bubble that can travel faster than light. The implications of being able to warp the space as we wish are immense. Maybe the day when we all will hear the Vulcan greeting “Live long and prosper” is not so far away in the future.

Let’s imagine not just starships, but maybe aircrafts, or even individuals travelling very fast, long distances by making use of a warp bubble. Going with the imagination a bit further: if we can indeed make a small warp bubble for a person or a starship, what if we could make a static warp bubble that could act like a warp shield (I guess that about all people have watched “Star Gate Atlantis”)? Or what if we could make a traversable wormhole between two gates on this earth and we just step into and step outside this passage in the same moment? How would be if there will be built traversable wormholes between all our major cities? This is within our grasp now, and if all things go well in less than 20-30 years a big part of today’s cars will disappear.

The material in this book is real and not Sci-Fi. Some of these experiments have already been done and the confirmations of the facts presented have already been obtained. However the latest part of this book is based solely on my physicist intuition, on some very recent NASA experiments (April 2015), on a short movie that I have watched on YouTube presenting a time traveler (you can watch this movie, now edited and enhanced at and on the fact that I was the whiteness some years ago of what it seemed to me to be a natural wormhole. Therefore I will ask the knowledgeable reader for his forgiveness if any misconception will be discovered. I wish I could have the experimental apparatus to verify some of the assumptions I have done in this book. “Errare humanum est” (the error is human) and I am a simple human (and still a kid dreaming).